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Get your Goat

41 - it's the number of years that I have walked this earth. It is also the number of years that I had not added goat to my palate. It isn't even that I had heard bad reviews on goat; it was just the fact that I had never taken the plunge and tried a new delicacy. I can be very traditional at times and tend to stick to the tried and true tastes.

When I go out to my favorite restaurant I am prone to order what I have enjoyed on prior visits. My friends will be ordering all of the different entrees, and I will be very satisfied with my steak.

Today was different. I pulled the thawed goat chop out of the fridge and proceeded to the snow bank to grill the Goat Chop on my barbeque. Opening the package, I was surprised to find 4 chops rather than 1. Yes, I am new to this!

I grilled the chop with the nervousness of a man teaching his son to drive. Alert. Watching. Listening. This was my first time - I needed to get it right. I carried the plate of sizzling chops past my wife on the way to the table and she gave me a dubious smile; but as the wonderful aroma following me reached her olfaction, all doubt was gone and she was ready to dig into my victory.

It was a good meal with lots of smacking lips and comments of "This is good" and "Tastes mighty fine" coming from my children. In the end, it doesn't taste like chicken! It tastes like Pastured Goat.

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