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Grass-Fed Beef Hind Quarter

Grass-Fed Beef Hind Quarter


Bulk Beef Box of a hind quarter of Grass-fed Beef. 86 lb of meat divided and vacuum sealed in individual packages.

Cuts include; 

Grass-Fed Round Steak         (Approx 6-8 lb)

Grass-fed T-Bone Steak         (Approx 10-12 lb) 

Grass-fed Ground Beef          (Approx 46- 48 lb)

Grass-fed Sirloin Steak          (Approx 2-3 lb)

Grass-fed Sirloin Tip Steak  (Approx 9-11 lb)

Grass- fed Flank Steak           (Approx 1-2 lb)

Grass-fed Skirt Steak             (Approx 1-2 lb)

Grass-fed Tenderloin Steak (Approx 1-3 lb)

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