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Arrowhead Meats Ltd.

Pastured Chicken in Ontario, Canada

Free Range Chicken

Our pasture-raised chicken based in Ontario, Canada, eat a diet free from GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics, and are raised in a healthy environment where they can roam free. The result? Delicious pastured chicken in Ontario, Canada. 

Not only is our pasture-raised chicken a great way to invest in your health, but it’s also a great way to support local farmers and the farming industry. With Arrowhead Meats, you’ll never be left wondering where your chicken came from or what kind of environment it was raised in because we vow to embrace sustainable practices with the health and happiness of our animals coming first and foremost. 

For a difference you can taste, choose our pastured chicken in Ontario, Canada. Browse our website to shop our extensive selection and find everything from pastured chicken burgers to boneless skinless chicken thighs, chicken breast, chicken liver, and more.  

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