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Pastured Smoked Pork Chops

Pastured Smoked Pork Chops

600 Grams

Legendary flavour from these delightful Pastured Smoked Pork Chops. 

  • Pastured Pork

    Arrowhead Meats Pastured pork is a brilliant culinary experience.  Hogs were traditionally raised in the woods, as they are the ultimate forest creature. They were never meant to be raised locked indoors under fluorescent lights. Our hogs have the freedon to roam between their shelter and pasture area. They eat what they find as they forage. It is a delight to watch a hog use its snout to root up its lunch. They are supplemented with Non-GMO feed. Our pork is Non-GMO, and raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids and added growth hormones. We raise mixed breeds: Tamworth, Berkshire, and Duroc.

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