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Whole Free Range Pastured Chicken

Whole Free Range Pastured Chicken

PriceFrom C$5.89
100 Grams

Free range Pasture raised chicken. Plenty of sun and grass for these birds. Anti-biotic and hormone free! What's in your oven?

  • Pastured Free Range Chickens

    Our White Rock Chickens are Pasture Raised, GMO Free. Every guest that sits at your table will be blessed by the incredible flavour from these Pastured Chickens. Perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving or the nieghbour from accross the street. You are also getting all the bones with the Free range Chicken, this is a definite plus for those of you who are looking for all those nutrients from the bones! Try our pastured chickens and enjoy unbelievable flavor! 

    The  family farms  is where our Pastured Chickens are raised and its local meat at its best. The Poultry is free to wander through green grass fields, choosing their own diets of grass and bugs. They are raised during the summer months to ensure that every little flock has the opportunity to absorb lots of warm sunshine and fresh air. To protect them from predators wander back into a barn for the night.

    Free of Antibiotics, Free of GMO's, Pure Pastured Chicken

    Our  Pastured chickens are Cage free, natural, hearty, and healthy! Nutritious and flavorful they make a delightful eating experience.

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