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Our Story

Our journey began from a small idea that was ignited from a large passion, agriculture. We have been farmers our whole lives but rarely got to meet our customers, let alone build a relationship with these individuals. We began to think of a solution to the current food system and what part we could play to make it better both for the farmer and the consumer.

  • Produce the highest quality, most ethically responsible meat that we can.

  • Market our products ourselves to create our own brand that consumers can trust. When they ask where can I buy grass fed meat ? We would be able to say right here:)

  • Deliver these products to our customers providing an easy experience.

  • Today that dream has come true we have grass fed beef for sale on line. We also sell GMO free Chicken and Pastured Pork and Turkey!

Meet your Farmers - Luke & Connie Erb

Hello to you all!
We are very excited that you have popped in to meet us and hear all about our beginnings and vision for a bright tomorrow!We are Luke and Connie Erb and we have been dreaming together and making plans for our futures and those of our children for almost 10 years. Both of us were born and raised on farms in the middle of Southern Ontario’s farming community. Both of our parents were involved in animal husbandry and cropping. Luke has esp. developed a love for all things in nature and animals in particular are his love and interest.

All this has led us to the newest phase of our lives and the growth of our farm. Luke has had a herd of Black Angus beef cattle since a young teenager and learned much from his father about herd management and genetics and other necessary cattle information. Cattle have been a family interest and more importantly a personal interest of Luke’s for about his whole life. More and more Luke has wanted to allow his herd of Angus to become as close to nature and the way things would be if they were allowed to “fend” for themselves as they would have in the wild. This has led us into all natural beef! Our Beef cattle are raised in a non stress environment with lots of open space to roam and exercise. Humane treatment of our cattle allows the beef to be wonderfully tender and maintain the mild, whole flavours, often lost in commercial raise beef. This has been great fun and as just a bit of extra fun we purchased a few Highland cattle for a bit of an extra eye candy for those that love to look at our herd!!

This passion spilled over into starting to raise Pasture Raised Heritage Pork. You can read more about this in our natural meats section.

We believe in good food, healthy lifestyles, and most importantly a healthy relationship with our customers!

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