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                                                      Frequently Asked Question's

Do your animals receive any hormones?

· Our animals in this program do not receive any hormones at any point in their lives.
Where do you get your Grass Fed Beef?
- All our beef is raised from calves born to cows on the farm. Our supply chain is a closed loop and all the cows come from calves raised on the farm. The calves spend the first 10 months with their mother drinking milk and transitioning onto grass pasture. They eat hay for 1 winter and are butchered the following year.
Do your animals receive antibiotics?
- Our animals only receive antibiotics if they are sick. At this point they will be administered a minimal dose.  Withdrawal periods are always observed. Because of their nutrition and outdoor environment the need for antibiotics is almost never. 

Do your animals receive any grain?

· Our beef receives only grass, carrots, potatoes and fruits
· Our pork and laying hens receive grass, as well as a mixture of  non GMO field peas, barley, spelt, and oats. Our pastures have been pesticide and herbicide free for 7 years or longer.
What is the difference between free range pasture raised and conventional beef Growing conditions?
·  Our beef has the ability to roam around the farm free whenever they please. With constant access to pasture or hay, the animals live a free and happy life, allowing them to grow at their own pace. Whereas conventional beef often consists of crowded barns and a constant corn/soybean ration as feed.

What is free range pasture raised pork?

· Our pork is raised to the same standards as our beef. Free roam, access to the outdoors as weather permits. 

Is your chicken certified organic or nonGMO?

· Our meat chickens are nonGMO.

Does your bacon contain nitrates?

· Our bacon does contain nitrates. These nitrates come from the salt that is used to cure the bacon. HOWEVER the salt used is 99% salt, and 1% sodium nitrate. Our butcher Aaron explained this nitrate content to us like this: There is more nitrates in 2-3 sticks of celery then there is in our bacon! 

Can I order whole and half animals?

· Yes you are welcome to order whole and half animals around our times of butchering. For butchering information as well as pricing feel free to contact us at or (519) 501-6561

Do you deliver?

·  Yes we deliver to the majority of Ontario!

Can I pick up at the farm?

· Yes you are welcome to come and pickup your order at the farm. If you choose pick up at the farm we will work with you to arrange a time that works. 

Do you wholesale?

· Yes we do wholesale to buyers who meet certain wholesale criteria, please contact us for more information.


Where are your animals butchered?

· Our animals are butchered at a local butcher shop named Jmar Meats, in Mount Forest Ontario, and Parker Meats in Parker Ontario.

Can I can order custom cut meat?

· Yes you are able to customize any aspect of how your meat is cut, as long as your order is placed around the time of butchering.

How is the meat packaged and sold?

· Individual vacuum packed, labeled and frozen by the butcher. Maintains freshness, avoids freezer burn and is easy to identify and use

Are the animals processed in a certified facility?

· Yes, our animals are processed in a provincially inspected facility, allowing us to sell our meat anywhere in Ontario.

What breed of pork do you raise?

· Our pork is a mix of heritage breeds. The most common breed is Duroc, other breeds are Berkshire and Tamworth. We focus on these breeds to get a good balance of fat and lean meat. Giving you the most satisfying dining experience.

Why buy local – know your farmer, visit the farm, buy direct.

· We believe that transparency is key when buying your food. By buying your meat from us, your local farmer, you are able to ask any questions you would like. We ensure nothing but the highest quality meat, raised in a humane, healthy, ethical way.

Does free range pasture raised taste different?

· Yes the beef is leaner and richer in flavour. The pork is a little higher in fat content.  The first thing you will notice about free range pasture raised is how much more flavourful the meat is. Bar-B-Que’s, stews, roasts and soups have so much more flavour because the meat is grown slowly in a friendly relaxed environment.

Animal well being?

·  With freedom to roam and more space per animal, animals are happier and healthier.

How is the sausage made?

·  The sausage is made with unique recipes by the butcher in a certified and inspected facility for freshness and quality. You will find the sausage has less shrinkage in many great flavours (regular, garlic, honey garlic and more).
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