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Eat Right Tonight

It's a dilemma we run into a lot as we walk this earth, What's for dinner tonight?

On those days when you have had time, it's fun to dream up the perfect menu and spread it out for your family with flair. But on those days when the clock has run away with the minutes; and you are searching for the hours that have slipped away;

What's for dinner can be such a conundrum! We want to provide the meals that will satisfy the hunger but also meet the nutritional needs of our family. Oh, they try to convince us that pizza with pop is a good meal, but we know that it is far from our desired menu and nutrition goals.

It is because of this timeless need to find a reliable supper (and our busy schedules) that Arrowhead Meats has started providing Meal Platters. Each platter has a generous helping of Grass-Fed or Pastured meat; also included in the platter are locally grown vegetables and potatoes. These meals provide the important 3, flavour that is outstanding! Healthy nutrition for your family and convenience for those busy days. Its like eating at a 5 star restaurant in your own dining room!

Pebbles, a local buffet restaurant, puts the platters together using their generational culinary skills and tried and true methods of bringing food to life with their years

of knowledge and expertise. These platters will be the go-to place for those days you don't have time to cook or when you are running late. You can't serve take-out AGAIN because you just did that two nights ago! Your family can still benefit from the strong tradition of naturally delicious meats that they have come to trust. And it sure doesn't hurt that the sink and counter are not piled full of the stacks of dirty dishes that an amazing spread usually brings. Unless, of course, you choose to recycle the durable trays. ;) Clean up is a breeze!

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