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Three incredible tips to your best Grass-fed Beef Roast ever!

Arriving home from church I entered the house to the aroma of a Grass-fed Beef Roast. Immediately I knew I was in for a very tasty lunch. Throughout the past couple months my wife has served up tasty roast time after time. It doesn't matter if it is a Sirloin tip roast, Rump or Shoulder! When she puts it on the table the flavour is bursting and the meat is tender and nutritious.

How does she do it? Here are 3 essentials for a great Grass-fed Beef roast experience.

Tip #1 - Start with the perfect thaw

This tip is simple but very important. You pull the desired Grass-fed Beef roast from your freezer the night before you want to cook it. Pulling it from your freezer early allows your Grass-fed Beef roast to thaw all the way through. You can thaw your beef roast using a bowl of cold water or putting the Grass-fed roast in the fridge overnight. You can leave the vacuum sealed packaging on for the thawing process. This is important because it will continue to protect your roast from contamination. Thawing the Grass-fed Beef roast allows it to cook evenly once you start the cooking phase.

You can rush the thaw but you can't rush the flavour! – Steve Martin

Tip #2 - Searing your Grass-fed Roast

Once you take your thawed Grass-fed Beef Roast out of the vacuum seal it is time to season it. My wife likes to generously salt and pepper the roast before searing with a touch of olive oil. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat, rotating roast after a minute or two on each side. This will trap the juices and moisture into the roast. Since Grass-fed roasts are a leaner meat it is important to lock as much moisture into the roast as possible.

Tip #3 - Cooking your Grass-fed Roast

These instructions will be based on a 1 to 1.5 Kg Grass-fed Roast. You can use a roasting pan in your oven or a slow cooker on the counter. Put your roast into pan then add water halfway up the roast. Set your temperature to 300 degrees F and cook for 3.5 hours. Remember to cover your pan.

Tip #4 - Bonus tip

Do you want to add to your meal? Take some potatoes, carrots, and onions and sear them in the skillet you seared your roast in. Then add them to the pot with your roast. Place them around all sides of the roast. This will give your taters and carrots a excellent flavour.

Every Grass-fed Roast is a chance for a memorable meal.

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