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It's Winter! Or is it?

We have had an interesting winter thus far this year. It has been warm and then cold and wait still colder. Then without warning last week it became warm again. Much to the disappointment of my son who had worked hard to make an outdoor rink. This takes a lot of dedication and I am proud of all the effort he put into it.

So what is happening on the farm? We often get questions from our customers about what our 100% Grass-fed beef eat during the winter months. I will seek to answer that question here.

During the winter the fields and pastures of our farms lie hidden under a layer of snow waiting for spring. During the winter the animals are fed hay from the summer fields. All summer the grass grows in the open fields of the farm. 3 times each summer and 4 times if there is alot of rain fall the farmer will head out to the field and cut down the grass. He will leave it in rows to dry in the sun and then bale it into bales once it is dry. Once the grass is cut, dried and baled it is called hay. This is what we feed to the yearling calves as they continue to grow through the winter.

Lean into it summer is coming!

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