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Pastured Free Range Turkey

Thanksgiving approaches and we are delighted to announce that our free range Pastured Turkey's are in the freezer and ready for purchase. We source these birds from Wayne a small farmer who puts a lot of energy into making sure his Pastured Turkey's get the best care possible. They are raised in the great outdoors where they can search for treats in the grass and roam from place to place in their pasture. Our turkey's are raised without the use of antibiotics and their supplemental diet is GMO free.

I have had the pleasure through the years of enjoying many tasty turkey meals.

One of the most memorable ways that we have cooked our thanksgiving turkey is by using the hole in the ground method. Yes you read correctly we literally dig a hole in the ground to cook the turkey in.

We have come to refer to this as turkey in a whole. The process is as follows, dig a hole 2 feet square and 2 feet deep. cover the hole with thick maple branches about 2 inches thick. Build your fire on top of the branches. as the fire burns it will allow the coals to fall into the hole but the fire will stay on top where it can get plenty of oxygen to burn hot. Once you have a large mound of coals you bury the turkey in the coals.

Wait did I tell you that you fill the cavity of the turkey with ice first. Then you wrap it up with 16 layers of tinfoil and then let it cook for 4.5 hours. You will have the most moist savoury Pastured Turkey of your life.

How do you enjoy making your turkey? I would love to learn from you.

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