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It happened quite by accident. My friend Codie walked in and started talking about how he didn't know where to find quality meat to aid him in his grilling passion.

Now don't get upset with me but when I hear about a problem, I want to step in with a solution. Now this is a problem I could help out with. Pointing this young man in the direction of great meat was my area of expertise.

I told him that I knew just where to go to find the tasty natural meats he was looking for. "What kind of steaks would you like?" I questioned. His response was quick and easy, "RIB-EYES!"

I hooked the gentleman up with the best that Arrowhead Meats could provide and he walked from the building with a grin.

The next day I was going about my business when suddenly my phone is being hit with a landslide of info. "These bad boys are incredible," read the text and Codie sent along some mean pictures to rub it in.

Now remember friends, when you are given the pass to score the big goal it is your duty to share the wealth. Unfortunately, Codie didn't see it that way and I was left with a watering mouth.

It's Arrowhead Meats legacy, I suppose. Making Grill Captains look amazing to their buddies. Everyone knows without the right meat you may as well stand by the microwave.

Show a little kindness out there!

Steve for Arrowhead Meats

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