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We've had an adventurous summer, which is standard when you raise pastured chickens outdoors. We are vigilant to protect them from the elements and give them ample food supply. Keeping them safe from wildlife is also important, and something we take seriously. They are quite helpless in the face of intruders. My two daughters make the daily trek to ensure the chicken's needs are met.

But who watches them at night? Our golden retriever, Copper, has assumed that responsibility.

One night we were enjoying our slumbering hours, but suddenly were awakened by Copper's ferocious barking. (Now he has many shortcomings, but making lots of noise in the middle of the night is not one of them!) I ventured outside, dubious as to what would merit the commotion. Imagine my surprise to find Copper looking intently through the chicken door at a beautiful, majestic bird of prey!

A Great Horned Owl had managed to get into the chicken coop, but a successful exit plan was eluding him. Eventually, I was able to liberate the large bird and it flew off into the night.

Raising Pastured Chickens outdoors in the open air and sun has its challenges, but we enjoy doing it because we believe it provides better tasting meat for our customers. There is excellent satisfaction watching the birds explore - pecking at the plants, grass, bugs and roots. Pastured Chickens are now available for purchase in our online store.

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